Autism and Laughing

So, I want to share something silly today. I have heard a lot of parents talking about how their autistic children laugh at random times and for no apparent reason. This itself makes me laugh because I also laugh at what may seem like random times and for no apparent reason, but believe me there is always a reason (and it’s not yeast overgrowth).

I usually laugh when I think of, remember, or find something funny. Funnily though, I find the silliest things really funny and it makes me giggle uncontrollably or burst out laughing until I have tears in my eyes and am holding my stomach and rolling on the floor laughing. ROFL is real, people.

Now, this is not a problem in itself, but can definitely be a problem when I’m somewhere or in some situation where I’m not supposed to laugh, like in the classroom in school when the teacher is teaching, or in a meeting with someone important where I need to be serious, or in the library where I’m supposed to be quiet. Unfortunately, just knowing that I’m not supposed to laugh in certain places and situations makes me want to laugh really bad. I have hidden under desks with my hands over my mouth and rushed out of rooms like my pants were on fire because I couldn’t control my laughter.

I also tend to laugh when I’m feeling self-conscious, nervous or anxious, but that is controlled until I become conscious of it and try to control it and find that funny and feel like laughing uncontrollably.

Anyway, the point is, I laugh a lot, not because I’m crazy, but because I have an amazing sense of humor and have difficulty regulating my laughter. This is one of the things I really enjoy about being autistic though - having a good laugh. It’s the best stress-relief ever.


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