I Am a Non-speaker, Not Non-verbal by Navneet Kulkarni

Today, I want to identify myself more as a non-speaker because I am not non-verbal. I know how to use words, how to connect words to frame sentences. A person who uses words to describe an action orally or in a written form is verbal. I was confused about using this word, non-verbal. I was not satisfied with using it in some of my writing. Understanding the term took me some time but I finally got my answer - speech and communication are two different words. Non-speakers are verbal, but they are not getting any alternative ways for communication. Their words are hidden in themselves, they are not explored. Nonverbal is not the right word for non-speakers. Many children know how to speak but don't know how to use words to communicate. God has given every living being a mode for communication, the thing is you have to understand their body language and gestures.

 ~ Navneet Kulkarni

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